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Planning and Roadmaps

Plans/Roadmaps for your engineers to implement

This service is for teams with a strong engineering foundation who just need some help finding the right data science or AI solutions for their data needs. I'll help you and your team understand what is happening with your data and give you the guidance to get from planning to implementation. 
This service includes planning, road mapping, wireframing, and code reviewing. as well as documentation on limitations and anticipated road bumps.

It does NOT include code creation or solution implementation.


Project Ownership

Complete end-to-end data science work.

From traditional data science to Large Language model applications, this service is perfect for large and small teams alike. Whether you just need some auxiliary work done or don't have any AI Engineers/data scientists at all I will create the solutions for your problems and integrate them into whatever infrastructure your company has. This service includes feature/model/insight creation, presentation/marketing material, model monitoring, documentation, and complimentary follow-ups.
Solutions will be scalable, practical, and built to integrate with any database and/or cloud provider. 


Team Education

Complete team educational sessions on various data science topics

Unlock your team's potential to create with hands-on data science training sessions designed to give any team a strong understanding of the possibilities and limitations of different data science concepts. Perfect for engineers looking to understand how data science, ML, and AI can provide technical solutions. For marketing and sales teams looking to understand their product fundamentals better. For decision-makers wondering if data science and ML are the right paths for their product.

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