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Travis Barton Consulting

AI and Data Science Consultant



Data Driven Decisions

In the digital age, data isn't just numbers – it's the language of progress. Mastering this language, especially through Advanced Language Models, is both an art and a science. And that's precisely where I come in.

With a seasoned background in data science and a keen intuition for Language Models, I offer more than just expertise; I bring solutions. Whether you're navigating the complex challenges of data interpretation or looking to harness the potential of generative AI, I’m your strategic partner. My commitment? To ensure that your business not only derives actionable insights from data but also cultivates features that will continue to serve long into the future.


Embarking on this journey since 2019, I've collaborated with diverse clients, building resilient applications and pipelines designed to add sustained value. And while the technology and data may evolve, my promise of quality, affordability, and long-term vision remains steadfast.

Let's transform your data challenges into strategic victories, together.

See my work in action


"Travis helped my colleagues perform statistical data analysis for our study of over 1000 questionnaires each containing several hundred data points. He is an excellent communicator who can explain complicated statistical concepts in easily understandable terms."

      - Dr. Cynthia Chairello, Editor-in-Chief Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy


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